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Legends About Gladioli

The ancient Roman legend says if you hang up to your breast roots of gladiolus like an amulet, they will save you from the death and help to win a battle.

Knights in the medieval Europe used corms of gladioli like the amulets, too. They believed that corms can save them from the evel eye and wound in duels. Because of this legend the first name of gladiolus was 'Siegwurz - The King of Victory'. In Europe that name was used for all wild glads Gladiolus communis and Gladiolus palustris.

In 17 and 18 centuries doctors used gladioli in medicine: for nursing mothers (for milk), against tooth-ache, etc.

In 1910 (the comet Galley year) in Holland a kind of gladiolus Galley became very popular. For some corms of that kind they was paid even four thousand guldens.