NAGC Classification

El Diablo

The North American Gladiolus Council (NAGC) accepted a common classification, which today is used all over the world. The classification considers of code, name, originator's name, year of introduction, and term of blooming. For example,
499 EL DIABLO, Konicek 96 EM

In the code the first number indicates size. The second and third numbers of the code signify color. An even number for the third digit means no conspicuous markings. An odd-numbered third digit means that the flower contains conspicuous markings.

Then there is the name of species - EL DIABLO, - then originator's name - Konicek. Sometimes there is a firm's name instead of originator's name (for example, Konienburg & Mark). The last number means the year where the species was introduced. And the last letters means its term of blooming.

Accoding to the international rules, it is necessary to write cultivar's name and all code by Latin letters to understanding in all the world. Anyway if the cultivar there is in only country, "native" letters can be used. But it is impossible to translate the cultivar's name, only write with English letters, for example, Russian cultivar "Наш Сад" must be written "Nash Sad" (not "Our Garden").