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NAGC - the official web-page of the North American Gladiolus Council.

Empire State Gladiolus Society

The British Gladiolus Society - about cultivation, pests & deseases, shows, links, library.

Illinois Gladiolus Society

Unique Gladioli Varieties - a page by selectionists family Lione & Paulius Ciplijauskas from Lithuania.

A page by Slovak selectionist Igor Adamovic.

Giddy over Gladiolus by Ronald C. Smith - obtaining corms for planting, location and soil requirements, fertilizing glads, planting, care, insect and disease control, cutting gladiolus blooms.

Summer Flowering Bulbs - an article by David Trinklein about gladiolus types, classes, selecting corms, cultural practices, insects, and diseases.

Gladiolus Diseases - the page is written by F.L. Pfleger and S.L. Gould. There is information about common gladiolus diseases, leaf spots and blights, virus and phytoplasma disease, summer, autumn, and winter care. - description, potting, and propagation.

International Bulb Society - all about bulbs, many pictures of wild gladiolus species in the Gallery.

'Yard & Garden' - growing gladiolus.

Pleasant Valley Glads & Dahlias - the catalogue of gladioli with many photos.

Garden Guides - description, uses, planting, and lifting of gladiolus. There is also Seed shop, Book shop, Flower Guide, Vegetable Guide, Herb Guide, Forum, and Links on that site.

Gladiolus Deseases - one more page on gladiolus deseases with pictures.

Gladiolus Pests & its Control - one more page on gladiolus pests (gladiolus thrips, aphids, bulb mite, budworms, painted apple moth). The page made by the Department of Primary Industries.

My Garden - page on gladioluses, links, interior design ideas.

Old House Gardens - some articles about glads.